Wednesday, 10 August 2011

オ━d(。・∀・。)━カ♪ ★★★★★

"(  ´   ▽   `  )ノ"ちわぁ ! ! !

Hello all! So this will be my first post :'D, nice to meet you all ~  ♪♪♪

If you're curious to know more about me so I don't have to do a long introduction, please visit my ABOUT ME page!

Today, I'm attempting to hand out resume's ;u;. I havent been able to get a job yet and I really need money for school, a car, and.. cosplay p(*^-^*)q . I hope I can find one soon ;u;

Anyways, on another note...

Fanexpo 2011 is approaching and I'm so excited! Fanexpo is a convention located in Toronto, at the Metro Convention Center on August the 25 to the 28! I will be doing a maid cosplay, a secret filming project hoho~ AND i'll be cosplaying my Black Rock Shooter again! In this picture I didn't have the gloves, but I just bought some! I will have them this time :'D

I loved doing this cosplay! I had fun with the big weapon *-*!  Unfortunately at the last convention, my cannon has taken a lot of damage (battle damage, perhaps?) so I had to re-construct it (with the help of
Sachie ) and it looks good as new! NO MORE PAINT CHIPPING \(>0<)/ がんば〜  In the right hand corner, CANNON 2.0! (ignore the orange streaks, it's from the lighting D:)

Anyways, I hope to see you all at Fanexpo! There are a lot of special guests this year (I think they are trying to make up for last years mistakes when they sold too many tickets for the buildings capacity D;)

Love from,

                                        Ringo リンゴ


  1. yay can't wait for our group cosplay >w<

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  3. What day are you guys going? I wanna see this again close up since I couldn't at AN! ; u ;)/