Sunday, 25 September 2011

SUSHI AND MOVIE NIGHT (*^ー^)/▼☆▼ヽ(^ー^*) チン♪

Me and my momma had a movie and sushi night ^o^ It's so fun going out for Sushi! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい

We were heading to a place called Ye's Sushi which is a bit of a drive from my house but worth it! There food has always been really good, and we always end up going to Ye's as a first choice!

By the way, I have still been really busy with work and dance! I will try to update more frequently. I bought some new stuff that I want to show you guys, maybe a new blog post? So keep in touch ~ My new dance cover has been put on hold, but I promise you it will be coming out very shortly! Thanks for waiting アリガト♪(*'-^)-☆パチン 

D: My face looked funny, hense the photoshopping LOL. But yea, thats momma Ringo driving like a pro~ <3

The weather wasn't very good, the skies were really dark and gloomy D:! When we arrived at the restaurant, I got momma Ringo to snap a picture of me in the booth, waiting for food to arive!  I really like the atmosphere of Ye's! It has lots of relaxing, zen-like plants and lights, It really sets a comfortable mood.

These are some of my favourite dishes of all time! Spicy Dragon Roll, Samon Pizza and Mango Mousse! They all tasted so good! I love taking pictures of food! I can look at them later and drool ~ hehe. p(*^-^*)q

Before we went to see the movie, we had some time to look around in the mall! There is a Tamagotchi called Ringotchi! I thought that was such a coincidence! It looks really cute!

Biggest Play-doh container EVER. I remember playing with Play-doh as a kid, it was so fun! Making little animals and stuff! Those were the days ~

Halloween is quickly approaching, creepy masks!
ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ・_・)┘

We ended up seeing the Smurfs in 3D! We love seeing little childish movies because they bring us together <3. The movie was really cute!

Fun outing~~~ Please stay tuned!


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

タダイマビーム!!(*ノ´∀`)ノ‥‥…━━━━━☆ EMPLOYED

Hi guys~
I know it's been awhile! Nothing really eventful has been happening in my life ;u;. Other than the fact that I finally got a job!I work at a girls accessory store called Ardene! There's a lot of shoes and cute cute things and it always makes me want to buy them D:. It's perfect for Dance AND Cosplay because I need accessories for both! A very handy discount ~

Yes, those are my glasses! Haha ~I have really bad vision
 and usually wear contacts, but because my friend Jean 
told me to start wearing them more often, I thought I'd
show you guys what I look like with them on! 

That shirt I'm wearing is my favourite shirt of all time! I saw it in Sirens and I was so upset
that I didn't have enough to buy it, but as soon as I did
I ran back and bought it haha~ 

I am an impulse buyer.. but it's still one of my favourite 
shirts! I've been obsessing over floral print lately!

Lately, thanks to my friend Emily, I've been doing lots of bun hairstyles! She said that if I tease is a lot it makes my bun look bigger~ and it worked! When I had shorter hair my hair wouldn't tease as good, but now that it's longer I can tease it a lot and make it really big! They're some pictures of what I wore it like today! The bow was a must ( ´ ▽ ` )!

I need to get my hair done very soon! My roots are noticeably growing it ;u;
Although I only get highlights done,the roots are still noticeable! I've always wanted to get my 
hair cut like Min from Miss A 


I really like how she can pull it off so well! I don't think my hair is thick enough for this style, but I can still dream! She looks like such a confident woman.. (☆▽☆)

Well, I hope you all are looking forward to seeing my "top-secret dance", I know I am! ~ FANEXPO YAY!
Art thanks to Alicia!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

(/・0・) やぁ〜 Hair cut + Jewellry!

Hi guys~ how is everyone?
I got my bangs cut today, finally! They were getting so long D;
My hair dresser is really awkward >_> sometimes I wish I could switch hair dressers but she's become a friend and I feel bad, haha!
I decided to start to take better quality pictures instead of using my webcam (even though it's decent!)
If anyone follows my youtube, you see I mentioned that I made some jewellery incorporating my name, ringo!
It was a lot of fun making them and I know what I can wear now in my dance videos! Here are some pictures! I have more colors than these, though! I made the pink ones for Pinku Project~ an idol group!

I also have these in hair ties, as well! so cute ~
                                        Love from,
                                                                                Ringo リンゴ

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

オ━d(。・∀・。)━カ♪ ★★★★★

"(  ´   ▽   `  )ノ"ちわぁ ! ! !

Hello all! So this will be my first post :'D, nice to meet you all ~  ♪♪♪

If you're curious to know more about me so I don't have to do a long introduction, please visit my ABOUT ME page!

Today, I'm attempting to hand out resume's ;u;. I havent been able to get a job yet and I really need money for school, a car, and.. cosplay p(*^-^*)q . I hope I can find one soon ;u;

Anyways, on another note...

Fanexpo 2011 is approaching and I'm so excited! Fanexpo is a convention located in Toronto, at the Metro Convention Center on August the 25 to the 28! I will be doing a maid cosplay, a secret filming project hoho~ AND i'll be cosplaying my Black Rock Shooter again! In this picture I didn't have the gloves, but I just bought some! I will have them this time :'D

I loved doing this cosplay! I had fun with the big weapon *-*!  Unfortunately at the last convention, my cannon has taken a lot of damage (battle damage, perhaps?) so I had to re-construct it (with the help of
Sachie ) and it looks good as new! NO MORE PAINT CHIPPING \(>0<)/ がんば〜  In the right hand corner, CANNON 2.0! (ignore the orange streaks, it's from the lighting D:)

Anyways, I hope to see you all at Fanexpo! There are a lot of special guests this year (I think they are trying to make up for last years mistakes when they sold too many tickets for the buildings capacity D;)

Love from,

                                        Ringo リンゴ