Thursday, 11 August 2011

(/・0・) やぁ〜 Hair cut + Jewellry!

Hi guys~ how is everyone?
I got my bangs cut today, finally! They were getting so long D;
My hair dresser is really awkward >_> sometimes I wish I could switch hair dressers but she's become a friend and I feel bad, haha!
I decided to start to take better quality pictures instead of using my webcam (even though it's decent!)
If anyone follows my youtube, you see I mentioned that I made some jewellery incorporating my name, ringo!
It was a lot of fun making them and I know what I can wear now in my dance videos! Here are some pictures! I have more colors than these, though! I made the pink ones for Pinku Project~ an idol group!

I also have these in hair ties, as well! so cute ~
                                        Love from,
                                                                                Ringo リンゴ